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Introduction- Remembering yesterday, today.

Updated: Aug 2, 2018

In 2013 I started a project to illustrate and tell a short story about each of the Indy 500’s. From the first one in 1911 to the last one before World War II. With two interruptions to Africa, a 1000 mile dual sport ride up the backbone of Idaho, redoing a 1976 Honda MT 250 and building a winter home in Arizona, in addition to family responsibilities and other projects, I finally finished it in 2018.

I never was real happy with how it turned out as a whole. So I decided to start all over again. I am going to post each page as they are produced on my website.

I intend to publish a limited quantity of books for those who would like to have one. So if you would like to follow along you can do it on and my face book page.

I’m going to do it in a completely different style of color and line that produces a dramatic affect. So if you have time, follow along and join me in the process through all the interruptions and frustrations and hopefully a quality book at the end.



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