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1912- Remembering Yesterday, Today

Updated: Aug 21, 2018

I’ve always enjoyed talking to people about what they do for a living. I love learning about where they work, build and create things.  I am fascinated by how people organize their spaces to do the things they do.  I’ve always felt a home, and by extension, a work area, should be a place where we can think and productive.   I buy books on everything from artist studios to architectural offices to garages and shops.  So I thought I’d share a couple photographs of my work space. Just a few weeks ago we were in Northeast Oregon and met a man whose business was making custom curved bows.  He spent over two hours telling us how and why he got into it.  He had taken a big risk moving from California to this quiet, forest area of Oregon 25 years ago.  But it proved to be a blessing for him and his family.

I'd love to see your workspace/studio/shop or wherever you enjoy working. Feel free to share here or on my one of my social media pages. I always enjoy new inspiration!

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