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The race track now known as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway was the vision of Carl G. Fisher. In time, what was an overgrown 320 acres on the edge of Indianapolis, became the venue of the Indianapolis 500, known as ‘the Greatest Spectacle in Racing,’ because of Fisher’s vision. He was an entrepreneur, a businessman, and a race car driver, and was the driving force behind the creation of the speedway. He envisioned the need for a proving ground for American auto manufacturers where they could test their products and race against the best competitors from around the world. 


Today the Indianapolis 500 has become one of the most-watched racing events in the world. For the racing enthusiast, the month of May is anticipated every year. The ‘First Thirty Years of the Indy 500’ is my effort to share the genealogy and history of this great event.

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Book description:

- Soft Cover

-12”w x 9”

- Full Color

-100# Satin Paper 

- 70 Pages

*Includes shipping to the USA/CANADA
**To ship to other locations please email me at for price



by Larry Clarino

Book Review:
The First 30 Years of the Indianapolis 500. by David Story

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is unquestionably the apex of all motorsports. Many of our readers have a deep enthusiasm for The Speedway. The history, the traditions, the cars, the characters, are really almost a way of life for so many of us.

David Story, like us, is one of those people with The Speedway in his blood. A successful homebuilder in the Northwest, his passion since he was a kid was cars, motorsports, and racing, more especially, creating wonderful art of those racing cars. Now retired, he and his wife Kymm live in the small town of Inkom, Idaho. But don’t be fooled by his background, David Story is a great illustrator and artist.

Recently Story released a self-published book, The First 30 Years of the Indianapolis 500. This large, 12”x 9”, softbound, collection of wonderful illustrations and information on, as the title says, the first 30 years of The Race. It is printed on very high-quality stock, making a rich, quality reference, worthy of shelf or coffee table.  

Each spread covers one-year of the Greatest Spectacle in Racing, with a watercolor of the winning car along with smaller watercolor sketches capturing important details and a short description of that race.

If you are at all interested in the 500’s early history or if you are interested in the exceptional art of motorcars, this volume is a worthy addition to your library. We do hope David Story has only begun and other volumes are to follow this grand history. 

You can read the review here:

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