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1931 Indianapolis race winner Louis Schneider and is last Indianapolis 500

“[1933] ... was the final appearance for Schneider. He had always claimed to have a preference for the number 13, but AAA had been refusing to issue it for several years. In 1933, Schneider pushed the issue by showing up for practice with his beautifully painted red car adorned with “13” in silver on either side of the tail. Officials insisted he change it to 22, which he did, but not without some muttered verbal abuse and digs wherever possible. The following year, after several more run-ins his 500 entry was rejected and he was never permitted to compete again.

He continued racing with what AA referred to as “outlaw” organizations, and after a 1937 midget car accident greatly affected his health, he succumbed to tuberculosis in an Indianapolis mission on September 22, 1942.” (Official History of the Indianapolis 500, Second Edition, Donald Davidson & Rick Shaffer)


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