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1940 Alden Sampson Special

The chassis of this car was built by Myron Stevens in 1939 to house the very engine with which Frank Lockhart had used trying to set a world land speed record at Daytona Beach in 1928 which took his life. Sampson purchased the engine from Frank’s widow in 1928. This engine, in fact, was two engines, a pair of 91.5 ci Millers mounted side-by-side in a slight "V" configuration on a common crankcase with the central gear located below the plane of the crankshafts, which permitted the prop-shaft to run extra low.

Unfortunately, the car wasn't particularly successful because of the heavyweight of the car of almost 2100 pounds which offset much of the power advantage the car may have had from its 3304 cc engine capacity.

1940 Indianapolis 500Driver: Bob Swanson Entrant: Sampson Motors, Inc. Qualifying Speed: 124.882 mph Starting Position: 20th Finish Position: 6th


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