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A painting

I just finished a painting that I been working on of the 1913 Indianapolis 500 winner Jules Goux.

Jules Goux, a Frenchman and European Grand Prix Champion, claimed victory in the third Indianapolis 500. The race started with Caleb Bragg leading the opening lap but was passed almost immediately by Bob Evans. Goux moved into the lead on lap four and stayed there for 15 laps. Bob Burman, driving a Keeton, led the race for the next 100 miles. Goux then moved past Burman into the lead and pretty much had the race in hand after that. Goux and his French Peugeot proved to be the class of the field that day in May. His winning speed was 75.933 mph as he covered the 500 miles in six hours and thirty-five minutes. He finished the race over 12 minutes ahead of second-place Spencer Wishart. Goux was the first but was certainly not to be the last, European to win the American classic.


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