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Four Wheels at Burning Man

Interesting Facts:

The festival’s temporary town, Black Rock City, becomes Nevada’s third-largest city for a week.

You can get a shower but first you have to share the lather and wash a dozen other people! First, you’re a rinser, then a scrubber, a soaper, and then (FINALLY) you’ll be the one getting soaped, scrubbed, and rinsed by your new bath buddies.

For the 2011 Burning Man, a crew of over 150 people erected “The Temple of Transition.” At the time, it was the fifth tallest wood construction in the world

 An individual ticket can cost more than $400 (and that’s not including transportation, food, camp fees, costumes, and gifts), the average total cost of attending Burning Man in 2017 was estimated to be $2,348 USD.

Participants rely on a Gift Economy. Except for coffee and ice, there aren’t any vendors at Burning Man. From hair cuts to hot dogs everything is gifted from one Burner to another.

The art here isn’t just big and colorful, it’s world-class. Internationally-known artists and local craftsmen alike descend upon the playa to contribute some of the most-impressive art on the globe


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