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Lee Bible

Ray Keech set the land speed record of 207.55 mph on April 22, 1928. He set the record at the Daytona Beach Road Course in the 81-liter triple-engined White Triplex 'Spirit of Elkdom'. The car was powered by three V-12 Liberty aircraft engines. The Triplex was owned by a wealthy Philadelphia, Pennsylvania contractor, J. M. White.

Keech’s record was broken by Henry Segrave on March 11, 1929. In 1929 Keech was asked by White to attempt to break the new record in the Triplex. Keech wisely declined. White then hired local garage owner, Lee Bible, to make the attempt. Bible rolled the car and died in his second attempt to set the record.

Keech went on to win the 1929 Indianapolis 500 the same year. Keech died sixteen days after his victory at Indianapolis in a racing accident at the Altoona 200-Mile Race in Tipton, Pennsylvania.


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