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More thoughts on creativity...

How do We Improve Our Creativity?

Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion” -Jack Kerouac

Read- read everything you can, read books, read magazines, read road

signs, read the back of cold cereal boxes, look things up on the internet, see how things are done on YouTube, search what others have done onPinterest. Cram you brain with information. Wonderful things happen when your computer (your brain) has enough information to work with.

Take in good information - As the old saying goes ‘garbage in, garbage out’.

Be Observant- Look around, be aware, see what is going on around you. What can be learned from what others are doing or have done? (Many times my wife has asked me if she should drive instead of me because I was being distracted by my looking).

Experiment - failure adds to our knowledge base. Thomas Edisonsaid the 999 failures he experienced while creating the light bulb were not really failures. Rather, he learned what would not work.

Seek a different perspective- Artists will use a mirrorto look at their painting in reverse so they can see it from a different perspective.

Build on the work or ideas of others - There are no original ideas.Every great invention or discovery is built on the backs of those who have gonebefore. Findawaytomakeone+one=21⁄4or21/2.


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